Launching a new professional insurance agent brand looking to position.

About is the professional branding of Mrs. Malou Pagador, an agent of life protection [insurance] plans. The branding transformation would enable the agent to stand apart from the competition.

The Brief

Mrs. Malou Pagador came to Excedrive Solutions to build her website and social media presence; when starting the project, Mrs. Pagador wasn’t yet set on a specific name or logo, so we went through a branding process, creating a range of bespoke options to choose from to help her. It was an important decision to make going forward, as the branding set would be used beyond the new website – all new branded advertising literature.

What we did


We spent plenty of time to understand more about Mrs. Pagador’s professional service, and get to know her market and audience. 

As an insurance agent, what communicates her best with the clients, what is her value proposition – trust. Hence, we came up with the name as a brand has a better and more holistic understanding of available products and coverages but doesn’t hard sell and provide customer experiences that are tailored to the consumer’s individual needs and preferences

Brand Guidelines

The next stage of the project was to fully develop the brand guidelines. This involved the design of the logo and all other assets that would form the identity of the brand.

Firstly, the design team produced several variations of the logo, applying different typographic elements and color schemes.

The final version was designed with a prominent R. This created a standalone icon that could be used as an asset in its own right.

Web Design

Finally, we designed a website for

Social Media Marketing and Management

The project was launched in the middle of pandemic in 2020. We helped Mrs. Pagador to steer her social media page, which included providing useful and visually attractive posts for her Facebook page.