Native Tongue


Native Tongue is an online-based food delivery service that serves Seafood, Classic and Modern Filipino dishes. The business needed to establish its brand identity and create an online presence to attract potential customers and increase sales.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a strong brand identity for Native Tongue that would appeal to its target audience and differentiate it from its competitors. The business also needed to build a social media presence to increase visibility and attract potential customers.

The Solution

Excedrive Solutions provided branding services to Native Tongue, including the design of a logo and visual identity system. We also developed a social media marketing strategy to increase engagement and build a following on Facebook. Our team created and managed the Facebook page, posting high-quality content that highlighted the unique features of Native Tongue’s menu and brand.

The Results

With the help of Excedrive Solutions, Native Tongue successfully established a strong brand identity and grew its social media following. The business saw an increase in online orders and positive feedback from customers who were attracted by the visually appealing branding and engaging social media content.

Services Provided

Excedrive Solutions provided branding and social media marketing services for Native Tongue.

Client Testimonial

“Excedrive Solutions did an excellent job in creating a strong brand identity for Native Tongue. The logo and visual identity system perfectly captured the essence of our business and helped us stand out from our competitors. Their social media marketing strategy also helped us reach new customers and increase sales. We highly recommend their services to any business looking to improve their branding and online presence.” – Noriel Ricaforte, the Client