Social Media

Social media has changed the way we function as a society, including the we connect with one another. Our Social Media Package offers an invaluable opportunity to show your brand’s human side, build trust, and cultivate an audience receptive to your message. At the same time, this can also drive traffic to your website, increase sales, boost your search engine rankings, and facilitate customer service.

Social Media Package

Social Media Addons


A successful social media gets you seen and gets people talking about you and your brand.


Consistent engagement with audience can increase traffic to your social media and website.


Establishing a personal relationship with a customer means they are likely to come back.


An active and engaging social media means driving leads towards a meaningful conversion.

Our Process

The initial part of our social media strategy is to identify and set the social media goals in order for us to understand the problems we’re trying to solve, provide direction, and most importantly, keep us focused on achieving a particular outcome.

We will develop a clear understanding of your social media target audience. The better we know the target market, the more we’ll be able to focus our content and reach the audience mostly likely to convert into customers.

We will perform a detailed analysis of how your competitors are using social media marketing. How we can stack up against others in your industry, and surface new opportunities and potential threats while staying one step ahead of everyone else.

We will review your business’s social media activity to assess growth, opportunities and what can be done to improve your social presence. 

We will optimize your social media accounts based on best standards and practices, creating a more professional and engaging experience on your page or handle or account.

We will craft your social media content with the purpose of generating social media shares and interactions that perfectly suits your brand voice and tone. Content will be posted frequently and regularly across your social media platforms. 

If you opt and allocate marketing spend for paid social campaigns, we will manage them from creating your content to launching your ads and monitoring their performance. 

There are a lot of spammers in social media and we will ensure that these stay away from your pages and accounts. Furthermore, we will monitor mentions, reply to comment and answer messages as well as assist you convert leads.

The last step to an effective social media marketing strategy is measuring the results of all of our efforts, to see if we are on track to achieve your social media goals. The reporting can be done in a spreadsheet which will be sent at the end of each month.